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SpeciespiRBase ReleaseDownload AddressMD5
Human 1.0 Human piRNA sequence v1.0 b029b7f6c4f5f4d9fbff4ffdf2c158fc
2.0 Human piRNA sequence v2.0 e596d796cc0f9bd0fb415ba979d33ceb
Mouse 1.0 Mouse piRNA sequence v1.0 87f44ec837c7d288df4456b013e48ea6
2.0 Mouse piRNA sequence v2.0 8153d50ebeaacff7dd02dd9715a29905
Rat 1.0 Rat piRNA sequence v1.0 63b16fb7a14f3e37fc0909debb41cb87
2.0 Rat piRNA sequence v2.0 44928a0c067278d8c053bc7583be67bf
D. melanogaster 1.0 D. melanogaster piRNA sequence v1.0 0d5409704343ba77471e232084ca4631
2.0 D. melanogaster piRNA sequence v2.0 1ba8833cd906fd136a7f331ce8804372
C. elegans 1.0 C. elegans piRNA sequence v1.0 bc25053f4ecdce0fdf0392173d339e1b
2.0 C. elegans piRNA sequence v2.0 ee699480f3c3db8612642fb879299909
Zebrafish 1.0 Zebrafish piRNA sequence v1.0 29d4b6635597f35fc7c6065c653a3b0a
2.0 Zebrafish piRNA sequence v2.0 f825cb8f63f6212dc492de8243a35220
Chicken 1.0 Chicken piRNA sequence v1.0 b6190204108936b35e63a1b8d1e30938
2.0 Chicken piRNA sequence v2.0 84ce20bcba9f0c96a43c1d39d1873145
X.tropicalis 1.0 X. tropicalis piRNA sequence v1.0 6dca2076f25e8c4fc1f3793333bae44e
2.0 X. tropicalis piRNA sequence v2.0 1892c57d72b68e9e3b9b111550f37e81
Silkworm 1.0 B. mori piRNA sequence v1.0 a781fbec96323c50b99d0747910fbc91
2.0 B. mori piRNA sequence v2.0 bcc93da286275e1b0e9049130cfc0ac6
Starlet sea anemone 2.0 Starlet sea anemone piRNA sequence v2.0 e8bcfe4c48fa93cf1bb38fad4f284d7e
Cow 2.0 Cow piRNA sequence v2.0 755decf21c0290c5b7e56c35aa5930f7
Crab-eating macaque 2.0 Crab-eating macaque piRNA sequence v2.0 1896779e7db57d3b78a6d0cf18b4ec68
Rhesus 2.0 Rhesus piRNA sequence v2.0 f9771fdef1d1338103b7c7dfc0d23ebc
Marmoset 2.0 Marmoset piRNA sequence v2.0 fe8cdefe14bb1e4de6ede2d8cc41f6c2
Sea hare 2.0 Sea hare piRNA sequence v2.0 5529cc0beb8f51f7a961a15e5869d6f7
Three shrew 2.0 Three shrew piRNA sequence v2.0 160a90d184169d27e6ce3e070222170e
Pig 2.0 Pig piRNA sequence v2.0 7dae87354bbb943221935c6ddcfeb9d8
D. erecta 2.0 D. erecta piRNA sequence v2.0 bca96f66b1f623b4d6a6ca4f388546a1
D. yakuba 2.0 D. yakuba piRNA sequence v2.0 a2e62b9676072815efc9b7044e26d287
D. virilis 2.0 D. virilis piRNA sequence v2.0 e57ebaa61bf239a570d5017b56bdf412
Rabbit 2.0 Rabbit piRNA sequence v2.0 6d285fb25c16e44ade2f5649d2ae6424

To download piRNA data of distinct organism

SpeciespiRBase ReleaseDownload AddressMD5
Human 1.0 Human Data v1.0 cfee8f35fda13291e632d2c82892ff32
2.0 Human Data v2.0 e562d347152d5c8c24ccdc5ae7f21bc7
Mouse 1.0 Mouse Data v1.0 11c337a8d1258b012375038c03389458
2.0 Mouse Data v2.0 889ffb2f617ba31873ad80cdcfb574d6
Rat 1.0 Rat Data v1.0 26f0f2715d3925a0b905750a8d949e50
2.0 Rat Data v2.0 8c41b648919a9545171b97bbb61155c0
D. melanogaster 1.0 D. melanogaster Data v1.0 33608281d7712dfdd4fc0b98f3c3a66d
2.0 D. melanogaster Data v2.0 807aa5ca7868343f2a0107e73c42242e
C. elegans 1.0 C. elegans Data v1.0 23bbbc5140b1534a1a11b737c767b7bd
2.0 C. elegans Data v2.0 f5c864f1331db273eec8a3f7c6886552
Zebrafish 1.0 Zebrafish Data v1.0 d2709b4be4316a8c1d2f8101609b4ef8
2.0 Zebrafish Data v2.0 1a34cfa7ee067fb857bf5cac0ca319be
Chichken 1.0 Chicken Data v1.0 5cee2bd6a8a8bd5895b3e62920b36e0f
2.0 Chicken Data v2.0 066aba9f73273089b1931574807ad073
X. tropicalis 1.0 X. tropicalis Data v1.0 0b9c1f38c4f185cff3a59c5e7af29533
2.0 X. tropicalis Data v2.0 767ed2b8f7908f0e529a2a8e826f32b6
Silkworm 1.0 Silkworm Data v1.0 f847ab55bcdbcf58c0ac16e54b00bb04
2.0 Silkworm Data v2.0 6e9e0818455153eec6c3d215101a77fe
Starlet sea anemone 2.0 Starlet sea anemone Data v2.0 34850b3456913f5ae7ce14fb73fdc46e
Cow 2.0 Cow Data v2.0 deea05ddde5399b8f1938c58d863383c
Crab-eating macaque 2.0 Crab-eating macaque Data v2.0 51af177f1ad33f894bfe6be0b61017fd
Rhesus 2.0 Rhesus Data v2.0 53186bde1aab6cbd13b90586b5b1b5da
Marmost 2.0 Marmost Data v2.0 dde2f30229ccd5e08602119a6f82a211
Sea hare 2.0 Sea hare Data v2.0 8073634758bc59351b26946e0eeecae9
Tree shrew 2.0 Tree shrew Data v2.0 37dd2756d274f6209ee03951934683cd
Pig 2.0 Pig Data v2.0 94c1cba8dfcd97eacfc9bc0e92e27e77
D. erecta 2.0 D. erecta Data v2.0 8134f1c83fdee26461c4e0f8ea5e16de
D. yakuba 2.0 D. yakuba Data v2.0 b9d4cd5426815166c5e4f76c012ac9aa
D. virilis 2.0 D. virilis Data v2.0 d4bea08948a879b0f6b9a2215ec7dc4c
Rabbit 2.0 Rabbit Data v2.0 2a6829e53c2fdc6b205e10b0b2a77b69

To download piRNA loci in the genome

SpeciesGenome VersionDownload AddressMD5
Human hg19 Human piRNA loci v1.0 34e6ad83745f692540862f757cbb0eeb
hg38 Human piRNA loci v2.0 ccd7c96e613bce6dc5cfc83f636b2741
Mouse mm9 Mouse piRNA loci v1.0 7e31cce246e3529930a27a1fdcf13fab
mm10 Mouse piRNA loci v2.0 b2ef15482e346a70eb75ca5d6229207b
Rat rn4 Rat piRNA loci v1.0 feff46645f6bf4e66397f3c6e57bf115
rn6 Rat piRNA loci v2.0 62dd52d3a0a68e218c38f110a4ad997d
D. melanogaster dm3 D. melanogaster piRNA loci v1.0 a7000ad2e876eedaa72c686cf940152a
dm6 D. melanogaster piRNA loci v2.0 4806187ca83e15268845a4ac1884a326
C. elegans ce10 C. elegans piRNA loci v1.0 c041f6bbff4a5630e03a1d5979daf19f
Zebrafish danRer7 Zebrafish piRNA loci v1.0 847d7d7c4559c8bc2e6a3f8ecfb2dad6
danRer10 Zebrafish piRNA loci v2.0 8dad48992226297fbba7857531c245b7
Chicken galGal4 Chicken piRNA loci v1.0 607dc4596b20f11a35792b6e5de81a4e
galGal5 Chicken piRNA loci v2.0 97df01ab5ce4b6867c824d5fa7ea77c8
X.tropicalis xenTro3 X. tropicalis piRNA loci v1.0 20f773dbecf24065c357904a884cad78
xenTro9 X. tropicalis piRNA loci v2.0 fc78f7465087d58ebb611006d8479c86
Cow bosTau8 Cow piRNA loci v2.0 92f9b635efc92912083898915b92f0ca
Crab-eating macaque macFas5 Crab-eating macaque piRNA loci v2.0 2df3a4f3d6eca33b7a0ac2500343ff31
Rhesus rheMac8 Rhesus piRNA loci v2.0 a8d843a8bb36354158ec890999fcdb3a
Marmost calJac3 Marmost piRNA loci v2.0 8c36b193253d012bfbb1b11c99cbdcd5
Sea hare aplCal1 Sea hare piRNA loci v2.0 0c0bb80745b64fb908b14c248f869c51
Tree shrew tupBel1 Tree shrew piRNA loci v2.0 0c0401ef3b89ad6b31cb33ef64a4a10e
Pig susScr11 Pig piRNA loci v2.0 ab7db3cd0d25ea13bf5db98e0ed4474c
D. erecta droEre1 D. erecta piRNA loci v2.0 5ef893a056dcbe76f3d083aadccde438
D. yakuba droYak2 D. yakuba piRNA loci v2.0 87422cb02df7b0480568e2f9331de4ce
D. virilis droVir2 D. virilis piRNA loci v2.0 b91fdf992a108975db825741369832df
Rabbit oryCun2 Rabbit piRNA loci v2.0 8e98683c4f87c354a8eb1bbe61971909

To download repeat related piRNA

SpeciesGenome VersionDownload AddressMD5
Human hg19 Human LINE related piRNA v1.0 bd1fca7426aa0f66407058aea853443a
Human LTR related piRNA v1.0 afa0a949c06496913c47e99815df9278
Human SINE related piRNA v1.0 030bd4056d25208c502893cf611750bf
Human Satellite related piRNA v1.0 dae3928db0bc211cf06283ad5620f75a
hg38 Human LINE related piRNA v2.0 f71e839c216744f602be8287370a264a
Human LTR related piRNA v2.0 27d9808230e987806a998ff5e1b48a1f
Human SINE related piRNA v2.0 5226857121a8cfa3f2d842504d065c09
Human Satellite related piRNA v2.0 bbfb9faf266c633140ce7f99df8a7664
Mouse mm9 Mouse LINE related piRNA v1.0 52d44481d4ce8aa0a0943d955aeeb00a
Mouse LTR related piRNA v1.0 8653863fcfffae183378854323e76411
Mouse SINE related piRNA v1.0 d48afdd526950052fe19ad1b90f75521
Mouse Satellite related piRNA v1.0 b51d98aef78c380c255d0f9170b9d37d
mm10 Mouse LINE related piRNA v2.0 0c30f13e95aa53dc16b3f2e2cd7a6a3b
Mouse LTR related piRNA v2.0 ef7e3033129d83d3e8d23e48adf019f7
Mouse SINE related piRNA v2.0 7b2019bcce4be6e11a09db17d5fa304e
Mouse Satellite related piRNA v2.0 beee1217880d21b9fab03855986e76b5
Rat rn4 Rat LINE related piRNA v1.0 76d6373be4a789da5e9aafaef17c585c
Rat LTR related piRNA v1.0 aa8d836642b589767fc7a5af1c313953
Rat SINE related piRNA v1.0 b861c02018fa582108172355042ce9fd
Rat Satellite related piRNA v1.0 0de5c9d7282b1d1accf950f80c473d1a
rn6 Rat LINE related piRNA v2.0 f9597ecedd0182ad31cbe87ca979f87d
Rat LTR related piRNA v2.0 3e0255f4f5a591c35bb50442dd1c27e3
Rat SINE related piRNA v2.0 71a7ac3c8ff1080b50878c78c8cc04e7
Rat Satellite related piRNA v2.0 6dcd2b845a6ea27ab80ea5147df51a67
D. melanogaster dm3 D. melanogaster LINE related piRNA v1.0 fa0ce688b3d8dd565a01a037e1088b13
D. melanogaster LTR related piRNA v1.0 83b5b62c04e80011c7239d4458d27603
D. melanogaster Satellite related piRNA v1.0 3a3a8c557143ca1de2836d9081a29e2e
dm6 D. melanogaster LINE related piRNA v2.0 120c0fddc5c87631022ad58daeaab1f2
D. melanogaster LTR related piRNA v2.0 b6b08902bdd346e05d74c4f2fd65b2fd
D. melanogaster Satellite related piRNA v2.0 ca9ba527ce04c2368ece67e49432dc0f
C. elegans ce10 C. elegans LINE related piRNA v1.0 a754bca2a8599253b31457791d89dc1c
C. elegans LTR related piRNA v1.0 e29a67b86f79df2f871d05ca58ba6904
C. elegans SINE related piRNA v1.0 f722e6723fcbffc6bc78fa8af911b474
C. elegans Satellite related piRNA v1.0 d639c6e09dad6749275fe32967a23b95
Zebrafish danRer7 Zebrafish LINE related piRNA v1.0 0c72444e58926503ac88ef2fb3a9de65
Zebrafish LTR related piRNA v1.0 6c38e7c5d1d42133093ab4849810ae98
Zebrafish SINE related piRNA v1.0 875c0d25994ce45e109fc436d20ffa44
Zebrafish Satellite piRNA v1.0 5ff1fa52f65be94e78f36dffc6483803
danRer11 Zebrafish LINE related piRNA v2.0 ed1093875d81c3f619dbe864f2994d3f
Zebrafish LTR related piRNA v2.0 dd831a7137703be97b4f29b9b6ceaf5f
Zebrafish SINE related piRNA v2.0 49c324648b617a11dda10ef103829e52
Zebrafish Satellite related piRNA v2.0 ede9e404bd471c0e57c4a534e00588ab
Chicken galGal4 Chicken LINE related piRNA v1.0 e9fcbd7196023cdb519e23b5a9a58f01
Chicken LTR related piRNA v1.0 2ca420d29b74eac338a4aea884876227
Chicken SINE related piRNA v1.0 9cd7ee38c80e25a907d0eaa279408333
Chicken Satellite related piRNA v1.0 83551ca283e519cd5f2ae62edaa828ab
galGal5 Chicken LINE related piRNA v2.0 21ef01c54217a86f18d7ff1a9b4413b4
Chicken LTR related piRNA v2.0 c6cdc217c77b5d528b8332167453dafc
Chicken SINE related piRNA v2.0 6fa5719873b648b0ebca01adeaa17941
Chicken Satellite related piRNA v2.0 d649f5625751f3e28c7f434b6bdb0da7
X.tropicalis xenTro3 X. tropicalis LINE related piRNA v1.0 dbd56c654dcb3713c314e9b93048fa3a
X. tropicalis LTR related piRNA v1.0 02d75e0c3b5882252a94bcf3d1ebf542
X. tropicalis SINE related piRNA v1.0 62f7a9957a892b1ed34faaf29e229e0d
X. tropicalis Satellite related piRNA v1.0 aec3e08e181b77fae14dad5599fdeb9e
xenTro9 X. tropicalis LINE related piRNA v2.0 ee2e953136ab8b8279d7c269aa3a259c
X. tropicalis LTR related piRNA v2.0 7d4c52ba6ce497d84b72e85111e98b88
X. tropicalis SINE related piRNA v2.0 31a759219b32e01ce4d2011857edf906
X. tropicalis Satellite related piRNA v2.0 8b639489c18479e464dd15ae1538e1dd
Cow bosTau8 Cow LINE related piRNA v2.0 ab04a51244ec607b665b37aba860f2b4
Cow LTR related piRNA v2.0 06992ba3e97aab0e4d9af9489debc376
Cow SINE related piRNA v2.0 71e5634df7ba144230dbf957775b6b2f
Cow Satellite related piRNA v2.0 28f253870fb335012318e125e720bb86
Crab-eating macaque macFas5 Crab-eating macaque LINE related piRNA v2.0 8c61f31aa00bee758077b5bc8a517b99
Crab-eating macaque LTR related piRNA v2.0 47e632d16434acfb10436716311fc0f0
Crab-eating macaque SINE related piRNA v2.0 d575baa0cc4974b8491624324aac5d15
Crab-eating macaque Satellite related piRNA v2.0 e8804b9edbe3c733cea5d7bb9ee202ea
Rhesus rheMac8 Rhesus LINE related piRNA v2.0 597a68467d91e64d79a50c45060ecf9a
Rhesus LTR related piRNA v2.0 6e01d3d8b47d2078156331c12a4c28ee
Rhesus SINE related piRNA v2.0 d1016ab32c0f7ba55e4291876054575b
Marmost calJac3 Marmost LINE related piRNA v2.0 b985c79386bb9c6170df2e011ba69600
Marmost LTR related piRNA v2.0 a937aaa301ed2a02ed7bba357f2b6fd0
Marmost SINE related piRNA v2.0 15ada7cc31dd788aa312fd37b9e43ec1
Marmost Satellite related piRNA v2.0 f8c090193bd6cd71fc2916404d96354e
Tree shrew tupBel1 Tree shrew LINE related piRNA v2.0 060811a6bf7c7469492914e2e1fef94c
Tree shrew LTR related piRNA v2.0 3ee5c15fac2ceed378713bb448cf4283
Tree shrew SINE related piRNA v2.0 31165e59beba71abdca6b6fbdcadb270
Pig susScr11 Pig LINE related piRNA v2.0 983452af236299cf150c0300006d94b5
Pig LTR related piRNA v2.0 cb0d154cda1e96ff3ffb2199b3ee4160
Pig SINE related piRNA v2.0 c1a6783775ae6533c5c1e0fc6f705c9d
Pig Satellite related piRNA v2.0 18d526ea89714f5087afcef38bddc8f7
D. erecta droEre1 D. erecta LINE related piRNA v2.0 b0a3dcf888b48438839fa2972fd87a6a
D. erecta LTR related piRNA v2.0 cf4423b3a07202629077bfcf5ae0cff8
D. erecta Satellite related piRNA v2.0 f6715f4d54dc3f1bc3efa52f2de5ecee
D. virilis droVir2 D. virilis LINE related piRNA v2.0 c15b24d08a27baea482bd268b072e0f4
D. virilis LTR related piRNA v2.0 6bceae7c42c44ea62f1edbd735be7c8c
Rabbit oryCun2 Rabbit LINE related piRNA v2.0 d8287fc7566e85a2d38e61d59ce5229a
Rabbit LTR related piRNA v2.0 c1172c62b6b4a34b5730762dd21a9577
Rabbit SINE related piRNA v2.0 49b802b4c621f71628b301db2861f46b
Rabbit Satellite related piRNA v2.0 5e2fedee25843963804e0916c142a0fb

To download gene related piRNA

SpeciesGenome VersionDownload AddressMD5
Human hg19 Human gene related piRNA v1.0 8762a9c44e6b3c84b83a31f00ca12a56
hg38 Human gene related piRNA v2.0 2ba6a955ba60901e55ddb83b369b7931
Mouse mm9 Mouse gene related piRNA v1.0 6bd270a495f3b9c0e9fd064deb47ab67
mm10 Mouse gene related piRNA v2.0 669475768692ad5dce3b5b1c7593948a
Rat rn4 Rat gene related piRNA v1.0 b5041ea11d6cfaa8522959d5e258d647
rn6 Rat gene related piRNA v2.0 d64478396d4aea3a1ac0f96a0d360b04
D. melanogaster dm3 D. melanogaster gene related piRNA v1.0 7c5f3c3b8a6ee1583d951e325475046e
dm6 D. melanogaster gene related piRNA v2.0 3d8a36f00fd5062f832139c1f3eb9d7b
C. elegansce10 C. elegans gene related piRNA v1.0 b77d0e85f283737b3d21152d1f252bb9
ZebrafishdanRer7 Zebrafish gene related piRNA v1.0 80acc58bf9b2b735000f41755383c092
danRer10 Zebrafish gene related piRNA v2.0 5b196efa15d06c146fc7e27b15457f8d
Chicken galGal4 Chicken gene related piRNA v1.0 809e10033a303f600f5b1a82f5aa4c1a
galGal5 Chicken gene related piRNA v2.0 6c58a63f9dbd8031e4aeaf8a122b9875
X.tropicalis xenTro3 X. tropicalis gene related piRNA v1.0 cb91329870f4fb3419d61fc8b669f4de
xenTro9 X. tropicalis gene related piRNA v2.0 bcc5fb328aabe5e84766d856baa08686
Cow bosTau8 Cow gene related piRNA v2.0 d3952e9e2596ffd3f091036450672fae
Crab-eating macaque macFas5 Crab-eating macaque gene related piRNA v2.0 32c37ca733a81e20b0dd395a286144d0
Rhesus rheMac8 Rhesus gene related piRNA v2.0 ee60ab1b0ab1e7c525ffef1c71134791
Marmost calJac3 Marmost gene related piRNA v2.0 2d3292bcdd3aaff1ad5b4b671fe5c472
Sea hare aplCal1 Sea hare gene related piRNA v2.0 a6ce13b6b8beadc6f8af03ee783f7ec8
Tree shrew tupBel1 Tree shrew gene related piRNA v2.0 515f68039633d9190bd41aaa1f901409
Pig susScr11 Pig gene related piRNA v2.0 9e8c8c38603e6fb3ac4584daa5961483
D. erecta droEre1 D. erecta gene related piRNA v2.0 84a864495c499ed6e1e206e33af8d05a
D. yakuba droYak2 D. yakuba gene related piRNA v2.0 73f0f17e877411a94bac7db88e2172c5
D. virilis droVir2 D. virilis gene related piRNA v2.0 cd744825c3252b59dde7c406074862e3
Rabbit oryCun2 Rabbit gene related piRNA v2.0 0d605de1e79c43821454b5aa84becbf3

To download piRNA target data

SpeciespiRBase ReleaseDownload AddressMD5
Mouse1.0 Mouse Deadenylation Dataset acc845fcd9ef2cee326bf5068c44dd36
D. melanogaster1.0 D. melanogaster Deadenylation Dataset 8c5b24c8d85065cbe1459b5f29fa8932
Mouse2.0 Mouse piRNA mRNA targets 2feb11a2d9f0bf9ed98be0ed2f15a0b1
D. melanogaster2.0 D. melanogaster piRNA mRNA targets f5b3eeee6c53efc835172cee6adb1d87
C. elegans2.0 C. elegans piRNA mRNA targets b04d1e92dcdedd231d1d9163fd4fda77
Silkworm2.0 Silkworm piRNA mRNA targets 6e0dd5908015d07a7223c99b48fa404e
Mouse2.0 Mouse piRNA lncRNA targets cbdc6d67dd0ff4ce7059e8ca449526b0

To download cancer related data

Cancer TypeMD5Cancer TypeMD5
Bladder cancer 256a7d63fafa0cf6367eb45975605c45 Breast cancer edc729b5f37fceb92fdff5d50a351b6f
Colorectal cancer 4fe450a3c07132ebdec4a9ed257ff08e Gastric cancer 422f653d0c6d55f246dc21d48184de8f
Kidney cancer 12d7c44358101f793174ea508926389c Liver cancer d95a5178a7e18cb2ee496ff161bf2ea6
Myeloma 44794afb63dd61a465e70344a75733f7 Pancreas cancer d5043f863876d106d04de0c14ee3a1db

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